Employees whose work requires operation of a motor vehicle must present and maintain a valid driver’s license and a driving record acceptable to our insurer. A current driver’s license must be carried on person at all times while working. Any changes to your driving record or eligibility status must be reported to management immediately. Failure to notify management or to maintain a current driver’s license will result in disciplinary action, including possible termination.  Yearly motor vehicle reports will be conducted on all current employees who hold a position that requires them to operate a vehicle, and will be reviewed as follows:


  • Employee must report any conviction of a moving violation immediately to their supervisor.
  • If violation is reported and does not result in loss of license, employee goes on final warning with monitoring of MVR every 3 months for one year following the date of the violation.
  • If violation is reported that does result in loss of license, employee may be terminated or placed in a nondriving position, if one is available in the company (there is no guarantee of the same pay rate).
  • If violation is discovered on routine MVR and was not reported to supervisor, the violation will be reviewed by department head/HR to determine final outcome, including possible termination.


Associates are sent a survey yearly, but you can also notify the company of your driving status anytime by clicking here.