A break is an authorized period of time during the workday when an associate may be relieved of work duties to take a break or eat a meal. Supervisors are responsible for the accountability of their staff at all times. Certain times of the day are busier than others and breaks should not have a negative impact on normal operations.

Breaks will be determined by the manager on duty based on business needs and may be staggered to allow for unforeseen circumstances. Associates who take a break exceeding 20 minutes must clock out at the beginning of the break and clock back in at the conclusion of the break. Associates leaving the premises must clock out and take a full 20 minute break upon management approval.  

Associates taking unapproved breaks or those longer or shorter in duration than authorized may result in disciplinary action.

  • In all instances associates should be clearly communicated with in regard to the amount of time any approved break will be.  Associates should take exactly the amount of time approved by the manager – no more, no less.

  • Associates who are taking an approved (by a manager or supervisor) break of 15 minutes or less and staying on premise do not clock out.

  • Associates who are taking a break of 20 minutes or more must be relieved of their duties and be off the clock by punching out at the beginning of their break and punching back in upon returning.  As a manager or supervisor it is up to you to manage and schedule the timing and the amount of time of these breaks.

  • Associates leaving the premises must take an approved break of 20 minutes or more and punch out during their break. Associates on break must not be asked to run errands (including picking up lunch) on behalf of the manager or the company – they must be completely relieved of their duties.

  • The manager of each location should designate the 50’ mark where smoking must occur beyond and communicate to appropriate associates.  Approved smoke breaks must be 20 minutes and associates must be clocked out.