All Coaching and Counseling forms (CnCs) are now in Paycom and are considered Personnel Action Forms (PAFs).  Please follow the steps below to complete:

  1. Log into Paycom through your client account.
  2. Go to Talent Management -> Personnel Action Forms-> Personnel Action Forms Dashboard.
  3. Click on the "Create Personnel Action Form" button.
  4. Search and select the appropriate associate.
  5. Choose the appropriate type of CnC in the dropdown. 
  6. Complete each field with as much detail as possible.
  7. Submit for approval to your HR Generalist.
  8. Check this dashboard if you receive a notification that the PAF has been sent back to you.  Make any requested changes and submit to your HR Generalist for approval.
  9. Please remember to schedule your meeting with the associate after you've received approval from HR.
  10. When you receive the notification the PAF has been approved, return to the PAF dashboard, check the appropriate PAF, print and have the employee sign.  Manager then signs and scans the signed copy to to maintain