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Talent Management aligns with The JMH Companies principle of Developing Great People through Superior Training.

Hourly associates must complete mandatory training while 'on-the-clock'.

Any associate may take additional (non-mandatory) training at their leisure while not working. 

Training Paths

A Training Path is a group of courses organized around similar topic areas, or designed for certain roles. An example of a training path would be if an enterprise offered courses geared specifically towards IT skills. Training paths are synonymous with curriculum or “portfolios of courses.”

Training paths are automatically assigned to associates based on their location and position.

Visit Paycom Learning to view the paths currently assigned to you and other available paths.

Training Partners

Our Training Partners provide excellent training in their areas of expertise. Feel free to browse around and take any paths, courses and lessons that may help you in your role with JMH Companies. If you complete any training that is not automatically recorded in Paycom, please let us know about it.


The Office 365 Training Center provides free training in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and more.


Paycom University is a collection of online training courses about, well, Paycom.

You can also sign up for Paycom Instructor Led Webinars here.

You can get help on using Paycom from the Employee Self Service Help Page.

Managers can see relevant Paycom help including user manuals from the Client Help Page.

Search this site for Paycom help.


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