In this case a manager is anyone that has a Client login in Paycom. 

If you manage employees but you do not have a Client login in Paycom, please contact hr@jmhcompanies.com.

Managers are also able to change an employee's personal email address if necessary.

Managers, please follow the steps below to reset your employees' password and send them their username.

1) Go to Paycom. Login or toggle to your Client Login, not your ESS login.

2) Go to Employees > Employee Self Service.

3) Search for the Employee > Choose the Actions drop down box to the right of the employee's name > Choose Reset Password.

4) Reset the password to a unique value that meets the Paycom password requirements.

5) Search for the Employee > Choose the Actions button (New options will be available) > Choose "Email Login to Personal Email".

That's it! The associate will have password reset instructions in their personal email.