If you have not completed the "Training - Hiring Manager" checklist in Paycom through your Employee Self Service login (not your client login) please be certain to do so before following the steps outlined below.  If you have not been assigned this checklist, please contact our training department by emailing training@jmhcompanies.com.

Please follow these steps to submit a job offer to HR for an hourly employee:

  • Applicant must apply through Paycom.  If you have not already done so, please create a job req through Paycom and have the applicant apply.  More information on submitting a job req can be found here.
  • Go to joboffer.jmh.team and complete the typeform.  
  • Create an offer letter.  Print the appropriate job offer form for your company from the attachments at the bottom of this article.  Fill this out with the applicant.  Please make sure handwriting is legible as this information will be used to input their background check.
  • Send the candidate to Concentra or Island Health for their drug test.  Do not send them to be drug tested prior to offering the job.  Legally, we are only allowed to test after an applicant has accepted the job.  Please make sure to inform them they have 24 hours from the time of the offer to complete the test.  HR views this time as the time the job offer typeform is received which should match the date of the signed job offer.
  • Upload the signed job offer to the applicants file. Log into Paycom and go to Talent Acquisition -> Applicant Tracking -> Applicant Tracking Dashboard.

  • Search for the candidate in the top search box and then click on their name.

  • Go to the "Resume and Documents" tab, choose the correct file from your computer, choose upload file.

  • Move the applicant to the "Run Contingencies" task in their applicant file.  Choose the "Scheduled Tasks" Tab.

  • Make sure all of your tasks are marked "Approved for Next Steps".  You must chose the approved status next to each step and send them to the next step by clicking the "Send to..." button on the bottom of the screen.  This alerts the HR team to run contingencies.

  • When the candidate passes contingencies, we will hire them in Paycom and alert you that they may begin working.  More information on the onboarding process can be found here.