Requesting Time Off

Log in with your Employee Self Service Paycom Login. Click on Time Off Requests > Request Time Off > Add Time Off Request > Fill out the fields and click the Add Request button. Your manager will approve or decline your request. You are responsible to show up for your shift until you hear back from your manager that your time off request has been approved

Unpaid Time Off

There is no set amount of unpaid time off an associate can take. If a number of unpaid time off hours shows in Paycom it is irrelevant. Always consult your manager if you need to take off more than an occasional unpaid day off.

Paid Time Off

coming soon


Let your manager know what days you are available to be scheduled by using Paycom's Availability feature. See the attached pdf for more information.

Leave of Absence

If you will be away from work for an extended amount of time please email and your manager as soon as possible to schedule a meeting.

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