The steps below will be taken by you and your generalist after your associate has passed contingencies. All paperwork should be completed prior to your associate beginning training on their first day.  No associate should begin working until you have been notified they have passed contingencies and the steps below have been completed.

  • Notification sent to associate through Paycom.  When an associate has passed contingencies, they will receive an email similar to the one below with instructions for their next steps.

Dear [First Name],

Congratulations and welcome to JMH Companies! We are thrilled to have you join us in the position of [Job Title]!

So what's next? Your manager will e-mail you within 2 business days to coordinate your first day of work. Once your first day is scheduled, you will receive an e-mail from Paycom with your login credentials. First, make sure you are able to login. Once you've successfully logged in, please complete the following action items:

  • Download the Paycom app from the iOS or Android store.
  • Complete your New Hire paperwork checklists prior to arriving on your first day.
  • Review the list of acceptable documents found here to complete the Form I-9 and bring the ID(s) with you on your first day of work.  You may bring one document from List A, or one document from List B AND one document from List C. If you are unsure of which documents to bring, please reply to this email.
  • Complete your training checklists.

If you have trouble logging in to Paycom or do not receive an e-mail from your manager within 2 business days, please reply to this e-mail.

Once again, we are excited to have you on our team, and look forward to working with you!

JMH Companies Human Resources Team

  • Schedule first day to work.  Upon receiving notification from HR, schedule the associate’s first day and alert HR.  When you speak to the associate, confirm they have received the notification email and understand their next steps.
  • Associate made active in Paycom and assigned paperwork.  When you alert HR of the scheduled first day, we will make the associate active in Paycom and assign their paperwork.  It is important that we have their first day worked for I-9 and E-Verify compliance.
  • Onboarding paperwork.  All associates are assigned onboarding paperwork when they are made active in Paycom.  You will receive a notification when their checklist(s) have been assigned.  This paperwork should be completed prior to the associate starting training on their first day.
  • Associate completes their portion of the checklist.  This includes their I-9, W-4, state related paperwork, emergency contact information, etc.  You will receive two notifications when this has been completed, one notifying you their portion is complete and one notifying you with instructions to complete the employer portion of the I-9.
  • Associate’s first day worked.  Upon arrival to their first shift, the associate must punch in through Paycom.  If an associate is unable to punch in on their first shift, please work with HR to resolve quickly.
  • Manager completes their portion of the checklist.  This should be completed immediately after the associate punches in for their first shift.  The manager portion of the checklist includes the employer portion of the I-9 and ordering a badge if applicable.  More information on completing the employer portion of the I-9 can be found here.  The entire form I-9 must be completed prior to the associate starting training.  Incorrect and late I-9 completion leaves our company open to substantial fines and susceptible to an I-9 audit by the federal government.
  • HR completes E-Verify.  We are required to complete E-Verify within 3 business days of the associate’s first day worked.  HR will complete this task when we receive notification that the I-9 is complete.